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User experience (UX) has taken on great importance not only with respect to apps and the web, but also in business.UX Kokeshi is a tool that enables your entire team to design a user experience while working with their hands.


Customer journey mapping made simple

Customer journey
mapping made simple

This is a trial-and-error process that makes for better user experience design.With UX Kokeshi, using your hands to rearrange elements allows you to easily edit your customer journey map.

Intuitively understand the feelings of the user

Intuitively understand
the feelings of the user

You can use the “Kokeshi doll”-shaped tool to help create a customer journey map.The doll’s expression enables you to understand how the user is feeling.

The ideal workshop tool

The ideal
workshop tool

UX Kokeshi is perfect for UX planning in a workshop format.It enables all members of a project team, including planners, designers, and engineers, to participate in user experience design.


Create the action stage

Create the action stage

While using UX Kokeshi to set up your UX, you can think about the number of stages over which the user’s actions should unfold.

ex:Reservation application

Set user action details and feelings

Set user action details
and feelings

At this step, you can consider what sort of action the user will take, as well as what sort of feelings they will have, at each stage.

Establish the value provided

the value provided

Finally, you can think about what sort of value you should provide to the user through your services at each stage.


Business design workshops

Business design workshops

At these two-day workshops,
you can advance a project from
the concept development stage through
the user experience prototyping stage.
Create a business with the user
as the starting point,
through team discussions using UX Kokeshi.

UI/UX prototyping workshops

prototyping workshops

In this one-day workshop program,
you can carry out everything from
user experience design to app and
web prototyping with the use of
UX Kokeshi and Prott,
the UI prototyping tool from Goodpatch.

prottdesigned by Goodpatch